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CLOSET: A new concept of second-hand luxury goods market

Intended to encourage exchanges between sellers and buyers of second-hand luxury goods, the operating principle of Closet is both original and modern. 

Discover the reasons to chose this new way of consumption and embrace the virtues of our innovative concept.

A unique and practical solution 
to offer a second life to your luxury accessories

A unique and practical solution 
to offer a second life to your luxury accessories

 CLOSET wants to make your life easier when selling your luxury clothes and accessories. We come to your home and take care of all the steps: once we sell the item, we pay you 75% of the selling price.

When you buy an item on CLOSET, we offer you a tailor-made, top-of-the-range service. You will receive individual attention by receiving your luxury garment or accessory in an elegant package. Also, we are committed to guaranteeing the impeccable condition of the items we offer for sale on the site.

We adhere to a quality charter which consists of carefully inspecting the condition of each item and certifying its authenticity.

We thus guarantee an impeccable quality of service throughout the sales process, from the taking over of the item offered for sale until the buyer receives it.

Why choose Closet to buy/sell your items?

Why choose Closet to buy/sell your items?

A detail makes all the difference.

We work with a humanistic approach, whether in our relations with sellers of luxury goods or their buyers. When you wish to part with an object, we come to you in order to find out its history. We also make a point of listening to buyers to understand their needs and identify their desires to offer them the best service. Despite all the care we take to satisfy you, if you are disappointed when you receive your item, we will ease the return and refund.

Our approach is eco-responsible: by giving a second life to the products we sell, you are making a gesture for the planet by avoiding over-consumption. 


The origins of Closet

CLOSET was born one evening in November when, noticing that my closets were overflowing, I decided to empty them by separating myself from the superfluous.

There were a lot of things I was no longer wearing, but I couldn't find a simple solution to sell them, which quickly discouraged me. So I said to myself: "I'm going to offer an innovative service to simplify the task for all those who want to sell their valuable items with a history. 

I conceived this project of an online sales repository with an ecological approach because it values the extension of the life span of authentic and precious objects. 

By developing this concept, I have made my contribution to the preservation of our Earth, while allowing my customers to enjoy themselves with beautiful items. 

Victoria Uldry