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About Almighty Tree

Almighty Tree contributes to sustainable forest management by offering tree planting services to individuals and businesses. Seeking to design a sustainable future and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of our communities, Almighty Tree focuses on the enhancement of our woodland heritage, as well as the development of our forests and biodiversity in Switzerland, while raising awareness and bringing people and businesses closer to nature.

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"Since 2020, more than 2000 trees have been planted."

In collaboration with forestry experts from several cantons in French-speaking Switzerland, Almighty Tree focuses on reforestation and biodiversity preservation through several actions:

The planting of new trees with a selection of species according to the region, the needs and the global warming
The development of natural hedges for biodiversity
The preservation of habitat trees
The promotion of agroforestry.

Why plant trees in Switzerland?

The impact of climate change on our Swiss forests is alarming. More and more tree species are suffering from the repeated temperatures and droughts of the last 10 years (6 very dry years out of 10). Weakened spruce trees are attacked by the Bostryche and beech trees are dying in the plains because of the lack of water. In addition, the price of wood is still declining and the forests are not profitable, so maintenance is less attractive.

Their role ranges from soil and river bank consolidation to wind protection and landscape diversity. They promote the networking of natural environments. At the edges of forests, these layered groups of bushes and shrubs also guarantee protection against storms.

Benefits of planting hedges in Switzerland

Living hedges are extremely important for the promotion of biodiversity in Swiss agriculture.

"They provide shelter, food, cover, overwintering and breeding grounds for countless animals and insects."