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Closet is opening its second-hand shop in France and more precisely in The Village, the world's first omnichannel outlet. The Village is the world's first omnichannel outlet, comprising several premium and luxury fashion brands in a 21,000m2 space. Closet will occupy a spacious 150m2 shop in the heart of this contemporary shopping space. In addition to its online presence, Closet products can be found in shop !

The Village is first and foremost an architecture and an exceptional environmental quality, a constant attention to the well-being of customers, and an optimized digital offer" according to Philippe Journo, Designer and owner of The Village. These values are fully shared by the founder of Closet, who campaigns for eco-responsible fashion.



From handbags to shoes, watches to clothes, second-hand luxury goods are enjoying unprecedented success. The trend towards second-hand goods continues to evolve and has accelerated even more during the pandemic. Many people have rethought their lifestyle and the way they consume. Today's consumers are making more thoughtful purchases that will last over time and are ecologically responsible.


Closet's primary goal is to give a second life to clothes so that consumers can renew their wardrobe while preserving our planet.


If you too want to consume more responsibly, go to The Village Outlet to discover the first Closet shop!