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Many women dream of a Chanel Timeless bag or a Boy, one of the most iconic handbag brands in the world! Indeed, Chanel is a very sought after brand, very coveted and very rare. That's why we find more and more counterfeits on the market and it is sometimes complicated to dissociate them. We will give you the 5 main tips to determine if the Chanel bag you are planning to buy is real or not.

1.    The quality of the leather

When we talk about a Chanel bag, we think of the quilted lambskin that defines the brand. It is a very noble material and allows the bag to keep its shape and shine. Another leather known and used by Chanel is caviar skin which is made of grained calf leather. It has a sparkling and textured appearance to the touch. It is more difficult to damage with this type of leather. If you want to know if your bag is caviar skin, run your hands over the leather and you should feel raised dimples. Fake bags are flatter and not as silky as the real thing.

2.    The CC Clasp

Next, check the clasp on your bag. Generally, fake Chanel bags have a more domed clasp as opposed to the real thing which has a flat clasp. The CC should be centered and the width of each C should also match the width of the gap between the two C's. Another thing to check is that the edges of the C's should be flat with a legible stamp, unlike the fake bags.

The stamp indicates whether the bag was made in Italy or France.

3.  Serial number

Each Chanel bag has a serial number. It corresponds to the date, this code should look like the piece you have. If you see a cheaply assembled date code with writing that does not look like Chanel's identity, that bag is definitely a counterfeit.

It is always located on the inside of the bag, it looks like either a sticker on the inside lining of the bag or it is written on a small leather tab. However, for very old bags there is no serial number. They were introduced in 1986, before that you won't find an authenticity sticker. No Chanel bag should have more than 9 numbers.

4.  The quilting of the bag

How do you distinguish a Chanel bag? Part of the reason is the quilting pattern which is an excellent indicator of its authenticity. The best place to see the quilting is on the back of the bag, towards the pocket. The quilting on a Chanel bag should be symmetrical and aligned in terms of shape. 

5.    The handle of the bag

Once deployed, the handle should measure between 90cm and 130cm depending on the size of the bag. There should be no threads or seams sticking out.

There are other ways to differentiate a fake Chanel bag from a real one such as the seams, the authenticity card, the structure of the bag, the stamping or the zippers. Here is our selection of 100% authentic Chanel items !