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Like every December, the subject of Christmas gifts is at the center of all conversations, what can I buy that is beautiful and affordable ? At Christmas, giving second hand gifts is one of the most ecological and economical solutions against overconsumption. We tell you about it !

Indeed, this year you want to mark the occasion by offering a Gucci handbag, a Hermes belt, or a nice Louis Vuitton coat to your partner, or to your parents. Not all of these items can be found in a shopping mall. For most people, choosing second-hand items is a virtuous circle that allows them to tap into existing resources without creating new ones.


In addition to doing good for the ecology, offering second hand items is good for your wallet for exceptional pieces! At the end of the year, we all want to please our loved ones but at more affordable prices. Second hand is your ally. You can find new, vintage and rare products for prices reduced by 30% to 50% below market prices. Closet Geneva offers you quality products such as Hermès silk squares, belts, Louboutin pumps 60% cheaper.


Buying second hand is also about letting your creativity speak for itself and offering exclusive and unique pieces. We are always delighted to offer rare pearls to our loved ones. Closet offers you a special Christmas selection, with handbags, clothes, shoes but also accessories !


Closet offers many items with a very wide price range, and for all tastes ! Here is for you our special Christmas selection: